Cha cha cha changes

Ariel Hyatt does not mess around.  With over 20 years of PR experience, her company, Cyber PR has become known as the the PR Mecca for Independent and Label Musicians alike.

2013 presented Cyber PR with an interesting issue.  Business was booming and larger, more corporate entities were looking to use them.  Suddenly, they needed a brand that reflected their top level abilities, even outside of the music world.

The Redux

Cyber PR wanted to bring the brand back to its roots.  Originally started as Ariel Publicity, Cyber PR had grown into something much larger.  By rebranding the music branch as Cyber PR Music, it allowed us to strip the Cyber PR brand down to its core, and build it back up fitter, happier, more productive…

We used a Twitter Bootstrap base to keep everything Responsive, and allowed WordPress to work its own magic, creating custom content types for each of Cyber PR’s specific needs.  We wrapped everything into a spiffy modal navigation system, and geo-located their upcoming events… because, why not?

Analytics FTW

All good strategy, marketing, and branding decisions should be backed up by one thing: DATA.

We analyzed and monitored the site analytics from Cyber PR’s Music site to build a platform from which we based all design and user experience decisions.  Happy browsers = Happy clients.