I’ve got this big screen! Now what do we put on it?

Moo Creative Media came to us from their sister company, MooTV, which provides every imaginable type of screen for tour and promotional content. Moo Creative Media develops the beautiful motion, images, and video that populate those screens…

…and we were tasked with creating a site that equaled their awesomeness. Task = Accepted.

Come graze with us

One of MCM’s main objectives was to create a fun user experience browsers would want to come back and play with, while still making the content the main focus.

Thanks to the magic of Isotope, Jquery, Drupal, and some secret sauce, we made that reality into a fun UI playground.

The Moo Man Delivers

Delivering content to clients is an every day occurrence for most MCM, and maintaining a smooth, painless, branded process was high priority.

We developed a custom Client Dashboard allowing MCM to provide each client with a private place to view, download, and review their content.